Ben Affleck as Batman – Man of Steel Sequel


I love Ben Affleck.  Ever since the days of Goodwill Hunting, I already have feelings for him.  I was the one who chose Ben Affleck over Matt Damon among all my friends.

When that Bennifer happened, it was a shock.  I didn’t know someone as good looking as Ben Affleck would do such a thing.  Yet, it happened.

Then, he got married to Jennifer Garner.  Had kids – and was out of the limelight for a while.  Until ARGO.  He directed the Best Picture of the Year even though he was snubbed for Best Director.

The next newsmaking headline: Ben Affleck is Batman as announced by Warner Bros. in the upcoming Superman vs. Batman film due out in 2015.


One thing I know for sure.  He already played a super hero once as Daredevil and his real-life wife Jennifer Garner played Elektra.

What do you think of Warner Bros. choice on this one?

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