My blog has been in existence since 2007.  Six years old.  I have dreamed of writing words that would inspire my readers to blog and write about their own journeys.  But I was side-tracked.  I was more interested in increasing my blog traffic than writing about content that would reveal my own quests.  The lure of earning money through Google Adsense was more important back then.  Many bloggers earned six-figure incomes through Adsense and I tried to mimic their style.  Traffic was traffic, whether celebrity news brought traffic to your site, or the list of Board Exam passers, it didn’t matter.  We needed traffic and that’s all that mattered.

As the years went by, I tried to maintain the hype of it all.  I was a constant Google Trends watcher.  Constantly trying to find out what’s setting the internet on fire.  I’ve had many successes, I must say.  There were times that my blog crashed because of too much traffic.  I was earning $100 USD a day through Adsense.  They key was maintenance.  If you can sustain the traffic, week-after-week, then you are good.  But even that, got old.

When Google took away advertising from this site, I was disappointed.  My extra income has gone kaput.  I tried to find other ways to keep the advertising dollars and even without Google, I must say that I did well.  Although I was no longer earning thousands of dollars per month, I was still making a considerable amount compared to other bloggers.

Then came a time when I decided to bring this blog back to what it was originally launched for.  A personal blog where I can share my journey with the world.  It was a stretch because I can not write for peas.  I do, however, want to use simply written sentences for everyone to understand.  As much as I am a fan of big words, I rarely use them.  It doesn’t seem to fit my style.

Now that I have returned to writing about my experiences and my journey, I realized that I have enjoyed following celebrities while I was blogging about them.  The simple ways that they remind us that they are humans too is a good thing for me to understand.  We’re not the only ones who have problems.  Money or no money, we go through the same things.

I have decided to continue to blog about celebrities I am interested in and also write about my life.  I have to post more travel photos here as I know that you know how much I love to travel.  I would also like to continue to share stories with you.  Stories that wouldn’t have been possible if I remained still and stagnant.  My wandering feet wouldn’t be able to sustain the stillness.  It would kill my soul.

On that note, I would like to thank you for following my blog.  I am filled with gratitude that after 6 long years, I still have over 1900 followers on Twitter, over 1300 followers on Instagram and you all continue to support my little-slow-blog.  Please stay with me and let us journey together.

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