Blackberry to release Messenger for iPhone and Android?


BlackBerry has been losing ground to iPhone and Android devices.  Once the leading device for corporate executives, BlackBerry has been losing share in the market due to very competitive applications on other PDAs specifically tailored for Android and iOS devices.

In order to compete, the company has been working on getting the BlackBerry phone back to its glory by creating the BlackBerry Z10.   A few years too late but it’s probably going to get better in time.

The other thing that was in competition was the BBM feature that was very popular with BlackBerry but is limited to BlackBerry users only.  It was still a great feature because BlackBerry to BlackBerry communication globally is free.  It’s like the iPhone’s iMessage feature.

Most recently, it has been rumored that the BlackBerry BBM application will be made available to iPhone and Android Devices.  This caused a frenzy specially when a video of the new BBP for iPhone and Androids surfaced online.

The video has been pulled since then and even though the rumor may now be considered true, there is still much mystery surrounding the new BBM feature for Android and iOS phones.

I know much is true about the new application and that it will no longer take second or third place to the iOS and Android messenger applications.  But will the application be competitive enough to warrant consideration?

I think we shall see!!

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