Caviar anyone?


Ever since I read a food blog that featured black caviar on top of a hard-boiled egg flavored with a hint of truffle oil, I have been craving it.  I’ve never had it and never made it but I am determined to try some.

First thing I did was to go online and find myself some caviar.  I went to and found Lumpfish Caviar.  I immediately ordered.   Then, I looked for truffle oil.  Did you know that truffle oil is quite pricey? I found it even more pricier if I go to my regular supermarket to get it.

Here’s what I bought:


Mind you, this is a 12.0 oz bottle of Black Caviar – and it cost me 29.00 USD.  Check out how much it cost at a local supermarket below.  It costs 22.00 USD for a 3.5 oz bottle!!


Then, I looked for truffle oil.  At, it costs 13.65 USD.


Here’s how much I would have paid for the same thing at my local supermarket.


You can just imagine how is killing brick and mortar stores.   The only thing that buyers have to contend with are the shipping costs.  Most of the items I buy on Amazon are eligible for free shipping.  These were not.

I’m uber stoked to try out the caviar on hard-boiled eggs.  I’ll let you guys know.

This is how much real caviar costs:


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