Be sensitive next time. WTF?


What happens when you dressed so inappropriately for Halloween and post your photo on the web?  You receive internet firestorm beyond comprehension!  That is exactly what happened to 22-year old Alicia Ann Lynch from Michigan.  She posted a photo of herself in a costume as a Boston Marathon victim.  After posting the photo, she immediately received the wrath of readers.

One thing she forgot was the people have ways to find out who you are and in this case, they found an old posting of her with her full address and they traced her down.  They were leaving her death threat messages, contacted her parents and gave them the same threats as well.

Here’s the wrath she received on Buzz Feed.

She definitely takes “Most Inappropriate Halloween Costume” this year.  And no, I am not saying that she gets an award for it.  She already received her award.

She was forced to close all her social media accounts only re-opening her Twitter account to apologize.  But the damage has been done.  She confirmed to Buzz Feed that she was indeed fired from her job due to the posting.

I bet she learned her lesson.

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