Melissa Ruzylo: Benefits of Growing Up in a Military Family

For Melissa Ruzylo of Huntington Beach, California, the idyllic beaches and warm breezes of the Southern California area offer numerous attractions and activities. Ruzylo has made a home for herself and her family here. Growing up as part of a military family, however, Ruzylo has had plenty of experience with changing scenery and cultural differences. Her military childhood provided her with a number of benefits that have served her well in her later life.


Children of military families must learn to adapt to new environments and new situations quickly. As a result, they often develop advanced social skills that serve them well in the working world. By adjusting to change more rapidly, adult children of military homes are well prepared for the constantly changing demands of the business environment. As technology and economic conditions continue to evolve, these individuals enjoy a decided advantage over less adaptable colleagues.

Cultural Awareness

Children who travel with their families to foreign lands often develop an affection and affinity for the cultural elements of their new environments. This can allow a greater degree of tolerance and acceptance of societal differences and can create increased awareness of global issues and political issues. By taking these childhood lessons to heart, the offspring of military families can often achieve a better understanding of the challenges faced by others at home and abroad.

The experiences gained during a military childhood can be exceptional assets during later life. For Melissa Ruzylo and others like her, the skills and attitudes developed in a military family have provided valuable insight for success in the business world.

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