Brazil and Bikes.

If you’ve ever visit Brazil, I can guarantee that you will be awed by its majestic beauty. I speak not only of the country itself and all the beautiful places it has to offer but the people as well. They are the most generous and friendly people you will ever meet (besides the Philippines, of course).

I have a friend there who’s been asking me to help him look for a Harley-Davidson bike. The cost of fuel in countries like Brazil, and the Philippines are more than what one can afford if you are simply a regular worker. Unlike the United States, you can still afford to purchase fuel even if you work at a place earning minimum wage.

I could probably recommend a motor bike that he should purchase because it would surely cost less than it would cost if you buy a car in Brazil. Besides, he may have to resort to purchasing parts from surdyke to ensure that he is purchasing genuine parts and accessories to maintain a motor bike like a Harley in Brazil. The question is, can he afford to maintain one?

I asked him that several times because I wouldn’t want him to spend all that money to get a bike only to fail in maintaining it because he can’t afford the upkeep. If I knew he could, I would recommend it but I know that he can’t. I told him to save up some more to make sure that he can afford to maintain a bike in the future. Until then, I advised him to hold off.

Do you think I gave him sound advice? I feel bad that I did but I’m sure he will thank me in the long run.

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