Anne Curtis is not so nice after all. She slapped people and said hurtful words. Prive’ Luxury Club.


Annebisyosa star Anne Curtis found herself in hot water over theweekend after reports circulated that an incident at Privé Luxury Club last weekend ended up in a fight between Anne Curtis and several of her friends.  There were reports that she had slapped three of these friends and said, “she could afford to buy everyone there, even including the club itself”, according to

The scene apparently happened on November 22nd when the singer/actress was holding a bachelorette party for one of her friends about to get married soon.  Another group were there, which includes John Lloyd Cruz and Jake Cuenca but on a different area.

They claim that they were going to the comfort room (toilette) but the VIP room where Anne was holding the bachelorette party and the others share the same toilette.  At one point, while waiting in line for the comfort room, they heard a loud scream saying, “Why are you banging at my door?!!!”  Then, Anne steps out of the bathroom, slaps three of the people outside (including John Lloyd Cruz – allegedly).  Reports say that Anne may have been drunk but it wasn’t obvious if she was or not.

The news didn’t come out but since there were a lot of witnesses, it spread really fast.  However, Anne,  was thrown out of the club and later on texted the person she slapped with this apology:

“JR! It’s Anne. Got your number from Monique! Triedmessaging you on Facebook this morning. Just want to apologize for my behavior! I’m so so so sorry. I’m so ashamed Frown would never act like that in the right state of mind! I’m so sorry. Please forgive me!”

The JR in the text is JR Isaac, the editor and publisher of Circuit Magazine.  Since JR knew that Anne may not have meant what she did, he responded:

“Hi Anne, just woke up and read your text. Apology accepted… On a lighter note, you owe me a tight hug!!! Going back to sleep, nursing my hang over.”

That was the end of that.  JR’s reason for forgiving Anne Curtis so quickly?

“Never harbor ill feelings. It’s bad for the skin.”

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