Proximity to Manhattan Attracts William Mulrow to Bronxville

Bronxville, New York, is a popular community in the Westchester County Town of Eastchester just 15 miles north of Manhattan. William Van Duzer Lawrence, the founder of nearby Sarah Lawrence College named after his wife, was instrumental in the development of the community as an affluent suburb of New York City. Today, Bronxville is home to many corporate executives such as William Mulrow.

The construction of railroad lines between New York City and Westchester County in the latter part of the 19th century attracted more people to Bronxville. The railroad made commuting home from working in Manhattan easier than ever, so the population of Bronxville grew as city workers discovered the charm and rustic beauty of this quiet community.

Bronxville is located near the Bronx River Parkway on land sold to settlers in 1666 by Gramatan, chief of the Mohicans. The community is home to the Bronx River Parkway Reservation. The reservation is the oldest park in Westchester County. Visitors to the reservation, including William Mulrow, can participate in a number of activities including bicycling, walking and jogging.

Education is important to Bronxville residents. The Bronxville Public School began in 1920 and is ranked as one of the top public schools in the United States. Sarah Lawrence College and Concordia College are liberal arts colleges located in Bronxville.

The Bronxville School opened in 1920 as a progressive school. The progressive education movement traces its roots to the teachings of social theorists John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Advocates of progressive education place an emphasis on learning by doing instead of memorization and test-oriented instruction techniques. Progressive schools focused on group dynamics and the development of social skills learners encouraged to integrate community service and service learning into the learning experience.

Today, the philosophy of the curriculum and programs at the Bronxville School focus on maximizing the development of each learner’s potential by combining traditional and progressive approaches to education. Individual styles of learning and development rates are taken into consideration in planning and executing the curriculum.

Beginning at the elementary school level, students are encouraged to appreciate the joy of learning as they master the knowledge and skills normally associated with elementary education. Teachers work to instill in students self-discipline and self-esteem while encouraging them to develop social skills working as members of a group.

Bronxville residents such as William Mulrow are committed to supporting public education in their community. The Bronxville School Foundation was established in 1993 with the mission of enhancing the educational programs offered by the school through financial donations. Besides financial support, community members volunteer their time and talents toward improving the activities the school is able to offer students.

Although it is only one square mile in overall size, the village of Bronxville offers residents a spirit of community in a setting that mixes large stately homes with apartments and townhouses close to a tree-lined business district. It is no wonder that Bronxville has been home to such prominent Americans as Joseph P. Kennedy and his wife Rose Kennedy, Roger Goodell, Ed McMahon and Chuck Scarborough.

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