How the Helton Family’s New Deck Attracted Buyers

Our family had a lot of difficulty selling our home. The housing market was still struggling in our area of the country. What’s more, there were several homes on our street for sale and we just couldn’t seem to make ours stand out.

Our home had an old sagging deck in the backyard. The deck was an eyesore that surely wasn’t appealing to prospective buyers. So we decided to enhance our backyard and increase our chances of selling our house by replacing the rotting deck. After all, we had heard that adding a deck constructed of high-quality materials would add to a home’s value. We also hoped it would help our home stand out from the others on the street.

The first step in the process of deck construction was to find a product that would look good and add value to our home. After some research, we discovered Rhino Deck products, which are constructed from recycled wood fibers and recycled plastic in many beautiful, natural looking colors. We chose a neutral stain for our deck to try to meet as many style preferences as possible. What’s more, we learned that the decking required little to minimal. This was perfect for our specific needs. Now our realtor could share with prospective buyers the benefits of the deck. We crossed our fingers that our fresh new deck would make our home stand out.

It turns out we were right in our assessment. The week after our deck was constructed, we got the first serious offer on our home. After some negotiating back and forth, we sold our home for close to our asking price, which our realtor said was amazing given the housing market. I still believe it was due to our new Rhino Deck. I can’t wait to construct a Rhino Deck at our new house once we get settled.

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