Jim McAluney: Finding the Right Insurance for Nonprofits

Considering the tight budget that most nonprofits run on, even a single unexpected expense could be devastating. Finding the right types of insurance to guard your business against large risks is one of the best moves your organization can make. Hawaii insurance broker Jim McAluney can help you with this.

Here are a few types of insurance that may be of benefit to your organization:

Property Insurance

Events like fire, vandalism or earthquakes can happen at any time. Whether your organization rents your operating space or owns it outright, you will need property insurance to protect your business from these risks.

Not only does property insurance cover your office building, but it also covers:

– supplies and inventory
– machinery and equipment
– office furniture
– lighting fixtures
– carpeting
– computers and other electronics

General Liability Insurance

This type of policy can protect your nonprofit from lawsuits. From classic scenarios like slip-and-fall accidents to other types of injuries on your premises, this is a must-have type of insurance for any nonprofit organization.

Special Events Insurance

Many nonprofit organizations rely on events to raise funding for their cause. Special events insurance is a special type of liability insurance that protects your company from lawsuits associated with event-related incidents, such as injuries.

You created your nonprofit organization with a mission in mind. Do not leave your mission in the hands of chance. With nearly two decades of experience, Jim McAluney has the experience and expertise it takes to help your nonprofit prepare for the unexpected.

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