Marco Abel Nordio: Putting Fun Into Fitness

As an avowed fitness fanatic, Marco-Abel Nordio knows that some level of boredom is inherent in many repetitive and humdrum exercise regimens. Rather than sticking to the same old routine, incorporating a number of different activities into the fitness plan can often stave off ennui and ensure a greater degree of enthusiasm for these healthy activities.

Change the Venue

Instead of running around the local park each day, consider a run through the local zoo, arboretum or in the woods. Selecting a more interesting setting for running or cycling can often generate new interest in the same old exercise routine. Changing the setting and the scenery can make a big difference in commitment levels and attitudes regarding these physical activities.

Vary the Routine

Incorporating a larger range of exercise activities into the weekly fitness plan can provide much-needed excitement for weary workouts. Swimming, hiking and biking are all great ways to stay in shape. By alternating these activities and including others in the regular rotation, most individuals can improve their health while staying interested in the fitness process.

Invite Some Company

Recruiting a friend or two to share the workout and to provide moral support can help keep fitness programs on track. Friends who run, bike or work out together are more likely to stick with their exercise regimens and to achieve their weight loss and health goals more rapidly.

Individuals who commit fully to improving their health and increasing their physical endurance are less likely to experience serious cardiovascular illnesses. By taking steps to boost the appeal of the daily workout, most people can maintain their fitness programs and reduce boredom caused by the same old exercise routine.

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