Touraj Vedadi Succeeds Both Off and On the Golf Course

Successful entrepreneurs like Touraj Vedadi are experts at observing, learning and using life skills as a map for building a thriving business. Golf is often thought of as essential for business professionals because of its networking aspect. It’s true that the networking angle cannot be ignored, but it’s also true that the skills learned on the golf course transfer into the business sphere, where many of the same principles apply.

The History of Golf

Some form of golf has been around since 100 B.C. Roman players of the day used a bent stick and hit a stuffed leather ball. During China’s Song Dynasty, similar games were played using several clubs and a ball. Modern play is thought to have originated in 15th century Scotland.

Golf became so popular in Scotland that it interfered with archery practice, which was the means of national defense in the mid 1400s. The Scottish Parliament banned golf and soccer in 1457. The ban was lifted in 1500 and kings and queens took up the sport. Golf grew in popularity rapidly after that. References to golf appear in English records beginning in 1603 and in the United States in 1729. Golf clubs and competitions began forming, and women joined in with the creation of the Ladies’ Golf Union in 1893.

Throughout the years, different materials have been used to make balls and clubs. Clubs are now made of a combination of various lightweight materials, including wood, graphite, titanium, tungsten, steel alloy and carbon fiber. Balls changed dramatically in 1900 when the Haskell ball was invented. The new rubber-cored ball cost less to make, was less expensive to purchase and traveled farther. Also in 1900, golf made its first Olympic appearance in Paris, France.

In 1971, golf became one of only two sports ever played on the moon. Apollo 14 astronaut Alan Shepard hit a golf ball on the moon using a six-iron and a one-armed swing.

Amateur Golf Today

Amateur golf tournaments are now held throughout the world. Champion golf courses attract thousands of amateurs to countries as diverse as Tunisia, Scotland and Ireland. The northern Canadian territory of Nunavut holds an annual nine-hole tournament as part of its Toonik Tyme Festival. Using fluorescent balls in below freezing temperatures, participants play on a sheet of ice. For people like Touraj Jason Vedadi, who owns Titanium Builders and Development, golf is more than a game. Physical activity and relaxation are part of the allure, but the challenges inherent in every game give players the chance to test themselves and grow.

Golf’s physical skills, such as endurance, balance, tension management and pacing oneself, are similar to those required to run a successful business. Mental skills, such as the ability to make snap decisions, foreseeing the outcome, drawing on creative energy and dealing with the unexpected, are all skills that are honed on the golf course and essential for business professionals. Amateur golfers like Touraj Vedadi learn, adapt and grow in ways that enhance not only their golf game, but their professional careers as well.

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