Visiting Tokyo With Sanjay Patil

The site of both medieval feudal power plays and some of the world’s most forward-thinking technological advances, Tokyo offers a chance to visit the ancient past, as well as peek into the brave new world of the future.

Tokyo’s energy, bustle and densely populated cityscape offers a breathless, whirlwind experience. There is indeed much to take in, and visitors can quickly become overwhelmed. However, seasoned tourists like Dr. Sanjay Patil has found that if you plan your visit thoughtfully, you can take things slowly and create an amazing and memorable travel experience.

History lovers will delight in unearthing Japan’s layered past. They should visit locales like the Meiji Shrine, the Imperial Palace, the historical city of Kamakura and the Edo-Tokyo museum, which illustrates the city’s rich history. For a glimpse of the not-too-distant past, there’s the Asakusa district, which reflects life in Old Tokyo.

Younger generations and those who love anime and cosplay should make a special effort to visit the Harajuku district, the Shibuya district, and the Nakano Broadway.

Those looking to experience iconic Japanese culture will do well to visit the lightning-speed Shinjuku district, the Tokyo Tower and the famed Tsukiji Fish Market.

Those who love nature will find beautiful surprises in Japan. There are many beautiful gardens to visit, featuring colorful foliage and flowers, landscaped in true Japanese style. These are the perfect places for visitors like Sanjay Patil to relax after an exciting day of touring the city.

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