What would you do?


I recently saw a video uploaded on Facebook in a “What-would-you-do?” type of situation. If you walked into a theater filled with 148 bikers (let’s say they are Harley Davidson bikers) with only two seats left in the theater for you to sit on. Would you walk away? Or would you stay?

It’s funny how we look at people from the outside, and we judge them simply because of what we believe we know or what we’ve seen. An example would be the recent and most dangerous game called Knockout. I’ve seen videos online and news stations and to tell you the truth, I would be afraid to walk around the city without paying attention to my surroundings. I am even afraid to walk around with my headphones on. If I see a group of people hanging out on the street, I usually cross over to the other side. It’s just human nature I think. We sometimes get caught up in the way people look or what we’ve heard. It affects our ability to properly judge someone’s character.

But, what’s funny about the video was that it was a commercial for Carlsberg beer. They aimed it so that the video would go viral and it did. The viral campaign wanted to show the reaction of couples going into the theater, with some walking back out and a few who braved it and sat down next to all these bikers.

What do you think happened to those couples / individuals who braved it and sat down? You have to watch the video to find out. I think you would be as suprised as I was when a few of them took the chance and sat down.

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