Miriam Defensor-Santiago for President of the Philippines in 2016!


The last  time I endorsed someone to run for President of the Philippines was in 2010, when I thought Sen. Kiko Pangilinan to be the best fit to run for the highest position in the country.  I believe, he was considering it prior to the election until then Sen. Benigno “Pnoy” Aquino decided to run.  Sen. Pangilinan was gracious enough to give way to him and has since retired and concentrated on his agricultural business.

I have witnessed the circus that has occurred with the pork barrel scam and to be honest, I could not trust anyone in public office at this time to be worthy enough of any endorsement to run for President.  Binay, Enrile, Revilla, Arroyo, etc. – – they don’t have the integral factor needed to run a country.  That factor is HONESTY.

I’ve heard of Sen. Miriam Santiago.  My friends know her to be a fierce leader, intelligent and an honest educator.  They always make fun when referring to her saying, “Mahangin ba sa labas?” (Is it windy outside?) as a play on her hairstyle.  Other than that, they know that she is one who is strong and filled with integrity.

So, as I was looking around for someone to endorse (the next Philippine Presidential election will be held in 2016), I couldn’t help but notice Sen. Miriam Santiag because of her recent feud with Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile.  She recently spoke out against Sen. Enrile’s “alleged 1 Million PHP” Christmas bonus with his allied senators.  This has angered Sen. Santiago so much that she spoke out against Enrile’s corruption and womanizing so she could shed light on the latter’s character.  I watched the telecast via Live Stream on Rappler.com to find out exactly who she is and what she stands for.  I was impressed – and that is an understatement.

As I was reading about her accomplishments on Wikipedia, I became awed by her academic awards and to find out that she has already written 14 books that she can brag about.  From her humble beginnings as Valedictorian in High School, all the way to studying Political Science and graduating Magna Cum Laude, I couldn’t stop reading.  Once I found out that she has earned her Bachelor’s Degree of Laws at University of the Philippines, Diliman “Cum Laude” – I already knew why she is where she is today.  Not only did she continue on to take courses at prestigious, Ivy League schools (Stanford, Harvard, UC Berkeley) in the US and England (Oxford and University of Cambridge), she also has a magnificent political office record as Commissioner of the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation but as Secretary of Agrarian Reform as well.

We know that having an exemplary academic record alone is not a basis for someone who will be able to govern effectively and honestly (Hello Pres. Marcos!), yet I feel that Mrs. Santiago is one who can rule the country with integrity, honestly and deal with corruption head on.

Today, December 26, 2013 – I am endorsing Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago and hope that she runs for President in 2016.  I will rally other bloggers in full to support her run.  I think she has the stamina and the guts to clean up our government.


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