Welcome 2014! What’s next?


Another year.  Another time.  Another 365 blank pages to write and today is the first day.   What are your goals?  Did you write them down?  Are you planning to find a new career?  Get a promotion?  Buy a porsche?

Whatever your goals are, you are free to attain them.  It’s like starting from a blank slate.  You can be whatever you want to be, as long as you’re willing to put in the hard work, roll your sleeves and get dirty.  You can always try to reach your goals.  Even if you don’t reach them, you will still be a step closer.

I am still aiming for that college degree and I’m closer now than I was yesterday.  One day, I will walk down that aisle and claim my diploma.  That is a promise.

So, in whatever you do this year, make it something that will make you a better person.   For being a better person, creates better circles because it is infectious.  Before you know it, you have created a better part of the world right where you stand.

Happy New Year folks!

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