Planning ahead. Dream vacation soon!


The itinerary is set.  Vacation starts on the 16th of May and officially ends on the 2nd of June.

To where?

Since I am spending some time away from home this year without worrying about a dog to be dropped off at a kennel or a friend’s mercy, I am planning on spending at least 12 days in Europe.  I will most likely meet my friends in Venice and then head off to Paris.

My friends and I wanted to try and see if we could drive in France and what type of car we would get if we are actually able to do so.  Do you think a sports car may be a little too much?  Maybe a Porsche?  A Maserati?   And if we do get a Porsche, do you think it will be safe to park it anywhere?  I wonder where we would get Parts for Porsche should it get damaged while we’re using it?

I’m just way too excited for this trip.  I should be worrying about my classes that are starting next week.

I just had to write something down to calm my nerves.

I’ll blog more about this planned European trip soon!

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