Zoom Zoomin Who?


Never have I dreamed of owning a motor bike.  I did ride in a motorcycle with my brother once and he took me out for a fun ride one night.  That was the end of my excitement.

Some people dream of owning bikes or riding them for pleasure or for pain  (whichever the case may be).  I have a friend in Brazil who tells me all the time that it is the most convenience way to roam around Brazil because you escape all the congestion.   But it is very expensive to own a car or a motorcycle in Brazil.  Imagine if they owned a Harley.  Where would you buy and how could you afford to buy harley accessories?  It seems absurd but people do own Harleys in Brazil.  I just couldn’t see myself riding one.

That friend of mine has shown me photos of him with bruises on his arms or scratches or burns on his leg just because he fell off his bike.  Most recently, he told me that he was stopped by thugs with guns and stole his bike.  To me, it’s not worth it.

I’ll drive my car thank you.

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