Vhong Navarro – Exclusive Interview (The Buzz) – VIDEO


I used to be on top of all Pinoy celebrity news.  I have been away from it all because of how my life has become so busy since I started going back to school.  But this recent news is something that I could not ignore.  I was shocked when I heard the news from friends yesterday while at a birthday party.  I wanted to find out what really happened to Vhong Navarro and who is telling the truth about the incident that happened on January 22nd..

Who is this Deniece Millinette Cornejo and Cedric Lee?  Could this be extortion?  What’s the realy story? It’s a horrible thing to do if this is the case. Filipino netizens from all over the world focused their disgust and hate for the alleged rape accuser that it caused her name to trend on Twitter together with Cedric Lee who was allegedly involved in the beating of Vhong Navarro.

denise millet cornejo

Watch as Vhong Navarro explains what happened.


I watched the video where Anne Curtis tearfully prayed for his friend on Showtime. Watch the video below.

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