Regine Velasquez’s Fans Outvoted Sarah Geronimo’s Fans on Let It Go Videos

sarah_geronimo_vs_regine_velasquez_letitgoThe POLL that I started was simply for fun.  I was kind of amused at the exchange between Popsters and RegineV fans over the Sarah Geronimo video cover of Frozen’s theme song – “Let it Go”.

I admire the dedication of both their fans as they support their own idols. But the POLL has shown how dedicated RegineV fans are versus Sarah Geronimo.

Sarah G has over 4.4 Million likes on her Facebook page versus Regine V’s 1.1 Million likes. I tagged both groups to be fair on the voting. However, the results show that Regine Velasquez fans are more passionate about their idol than that of Sarah G.

So, the winner of our poll is clearly Regine Velasquez fans! They won the POLL hands down with over 7 thousand votes, over Sarah Geronimo’s fans with only over 2 thousand votes.


Just to show you how much interactions there were between the two groups, read on:




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1 Comment on "Regine Velasquez’s Fans Outvoted Sarah Geronimo’s Fans on Let It Go Videos"

  1. In your eyes | April 15, 2014 at 5:52 pm |

    Even before naman mas matiyaga mga reginians. Kulang kasi sa network support si Regine kaya sanay mga fans niya sa sariling kayod. lols! Yung fb page with 1.1M gawa Lang ng fans. Yung let it go video kuha at uploaded lang ng fan. pati yung GMA let it go video na nafeature sa Chinese website fan Lang din ang nagupload. Kung united ang reginians at hindi nahahati sa ibatibang interes at grupo malamang mas lampaso pa dito ang results. :))))

    Pero sa lahat lahat si Regine pa rin ang dapat icongratulate dahil patuloy niyang ipinapakita na ang humility at totoong talent ang susi para manatili ka sa trono mo. kahit nag-aaway away ang mga fangroups niya tuloy pa rin ang suporta.

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