Send $20.00 to anyone in the Philippines for FREE!

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Hello OFWs!  Here’s some good news for you kababayan!  You can send $20.00 to anyone in the Philippines simply by signing up on  Why?  Because I have been sending money to the Philippines for years and I have never found a convenient way (and FREE!) to send money regularly.

I tried Xoom before but their customer service is one to stay away from.  I sent money through Xoom only to be told that I can no longer user their service without giving me any reason why.  They shut down my account and that was that.  I tried calling and all they could tell me is that I am banned from sending money through them.  No reason.  Just banned.

So, I tried Remitly and since day one, I have never had a problem.  On top of it all, they gave me $20.00 to send to the Philippines for free just by signing up.   I am working with them to allow their app to schedule a monthly transfer so that I don’t have to go and log in every month if I could easily schedule a transfer right? Hopefully they can find the benefit to that feature and implement it.

I encourage andy of my OFW readers to try  There is no harm in trying right?  Their rates are competitive and they give you $20.00 to start your transaction.

I have nothing but good things to say about Remitly – – and what’s more, it is backed by one of the founders of (Jeff Bezos).  For that reason alone, you know that you can trust Remitly as Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world!

Check it out, Try it out – and claim your $20.00 for free!  You won’t be disappointed!

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