Kris Aquino?


Ms. Kris Aquino.  Love her or hate her.  There is something about the TV host / Actress that touches us to the core.  Somehow, somewhere – what and who she is affects us in some kind of way.

Why would we be interested in her new hairdo?  Her love life?  Or is it because she puts it out there as tools for publicity?  Whatever it is, it’s working pretty well.

Many times in the past, I mentioned how and why I did not like her.  I found her to be so pretentious, so egotistical, and full of air.  That’s the old Kris Aquino that I know.  But then, I witnessed her take care of her ailing mother, the late former Philippine President, Corazon Aquino.  I saw a different side to her as a person, as an entertainer, and as a prodigal daughter.

From then on, I took everything that Kris Aquino did or say with a grain of salt.  She knows what she is doing as far as her career goes.  That is why each time she does something, it makes headlines.  It’s like the Miley Cyrus effect.  Just like Kris, Miley knows what she’s doing.  Don’t you agree?

And with this Herbert Bautista / Kris Aquino love team?  Well, it’s true.  Alright, you heard it from me, right here on  They are dating.  Confirmed.  Like I said, she knows what she’s doing.


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