Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano. What’s the deal?


Okay folks. Anong chika dito? May katotohanan ba Ito?

I think I feel like I just took a nap and the world turned a million times that I missed so much chika during that time. Wasn’t there a Phil Younghusband-Angel Locsin that was so solid that no one thought it would ever end? Anyare??  All of a sudden, I woke up and it’s now Luis Manzano-Angel Locsin!

I’m not against the team-up.  I’m just surprised how quickly things have happened.  Nasaan na si Phil Younghusband?  Mukhang tumahimik bigla?  May third party involved ba?  Sino?

There are lots of questions running through my mind and I just can’t find answers.  Even Google is not working well with me on this.

At one point, Phil Younghusband was so sure of Angel Locsin.  “I plan to marry Angel. When is the question. But I know Angel is the one. She’s the one, and I know I want my future to be with her,” he said at the time.

Tapos biglaan na lang in December of 2013, wiz na?  Anyare??

Rumors have swirled that Phil got another girl pregnant which caused the break-up but that remains unproven to this day.  If they parted ways three months prior, how could Angel and Luis be a couple by January?  Move on talaga agad?  Even Phil believed that if you love someone, you don’t get over them in three months’ time.  Totoo naman di ba?

Ang tanong:  Sinong chumorva kanino?  May nakakaalam ba?

If you know something, ibulong mo naman saken.

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