BryanBoy – The Blogging Phenom.

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I started blogging probably just a little bit after was launched.  I have been blogging for almost close to 7 years now (since 2007) and I remember the blogging superstars at that time.  There’s a blogger from Australia named Problogger who is still active to this day,  Shoemoney, John Chow, and many others.  Some of them made their millions (or hundreds of thousands) from their blogs and some simply became very famous  – Bryan Boy was one of them.

I even had a conversation with Bryanboy via Gmail at one time when his blog was acting up.  From the Rogue Magazine write-up, saying that Bryanboy remembers people’s names and faces, I’m sure that he probably remembers me.

Gone were the days of his old posts that bragged about drugs and eating nothing to stay skinny.  His blog has turned very professional now and those posts have been deleted.

What does make Bryanboy – Bryanboy?  People love watching him do things and not do things.  Did his detractors fail to take him down?  There were stories of credit card fraud, social-climbing and stuff… but they weren’t able to stop the ascent of Bryanboy in the fashion world.  Could it be that he has something that they didn’t?

Watch the interview below.   Is Bryanboy a sinner or a saint in your opinion?

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