POLL: Claudine Barretto or Gretchen Barretto?

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I rarely pay attention to the Barrettos.  Not because I don’t like them or I have something against their petty feuds.  It’s simply because we know that the Barretto family is well-known and very notorious in publicly airing their laundry.  It’s a shame but that’s how it has been with them from the start.  You can call it sibling rivalry, you can call it publicity or whatever.  You can call it whatever you like but it’s still something that should not be out there for public consumption.  But, it is what it is.

I know that this event is probably way past its shelf life.  The Claudine vs. Gretchen feud splattered on social media and TV screens across the globe back in January.  Like I said, I don’t pay attention to it so I didn’t even know the extent of its severity.  Until last night.

I was sleepless last night and with nothing to put me to sleep, I started scanning YouTube videos.  I came across a video from The Buzz with Boy Abunda recounting the history of the Barretto Family Feud.  I listened to both sides – the mom and Claudine’s side and also the Gretchen and other sibling’s side including her best friend, Tanya Montenegro.  I really thought of Gretchen before as Peque Gallaga or “plastic” but after seeing what her siblings had to say about her, and her hard work to provide for their family – I saw a different side of Gretchen.  Medyo nagkaroon ako ng simpatya.

After watching that video, the next video that played was an interview by Boy Abunda on The Buzz with Gretchen Barretto. Sa totoo lang, I was listening to Gretchen speak and I found myself believing her story.  Hindi mukhang rehearsed and it really seemed like she was telling the truth about Claudine.  She explained her actions and why she sided with Raymart on the issue and her explanation actually made sense!  Pano nga naman kung totoong may drug problem si Claudine, at may mangyari sa kanya habang nasa kulungan si Raymart, paano na ang mga bata?

I don’t know kung paano magkaroon ng hidwaan ang isang mag-ina.  I can’t understand how a mother can unlove a child.  But the way Gretchen speaks of her mom and the way they were raised, I felt for Gretchen.  Imagine not knowing the comfort of a mother’s hug when you’re in pain?  That must be terrible.  I always remembered kasi when I was a child that if and something was wrong with me, the first person to the rescue was my mother.  The comfort of her touch and that made a world of difference to me as a child in pain.  But Gretchen swears she doesn’t know how that feels.

If you were to watch the two videos below and make a conclusion on who is telling the truth, which sister would you say is the honest one?  Put your blindfold on (don’t let your previous opinion of Gretchen and Claudine sway your vote), and vote without prejudice.

Take the poll after watching these videos.

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