Selfitis. Pure and total genius.


Regardless of where you are in the world, you must have seen a link, shared a news story, and wondered – – was the information that I just shared true or is it a hoax?

We’ve been victimized one way or another by sharing news that we believe are worth sharing only to find out later that the information we just shared is pure deception.

However you want to call it, it’s a viral ploy.  It’s an attempt to create something that could guarantee that it’s going to go viral.  There are two articles that I know that were written and shared in social media so fast that an SEO marketer would consider pure genius.


Philippines Disqualified From Beauty Pageants for the Next Two Years. – Source


American Psychiatric Association Makes it Official: “Selfie” – A Mental Disorder – Source

The success of the first viral story that hit Facebook and other social media sites involving the disqualification of the Philippines from joining beauty pageants for two years was a sure sensation among Filipinos.

Filipinos are passionate about beauty pageants.  You can be gay, straight, young, old, light-skinned, dark-skinned – but if you’re of Filipino descent, you are interested in the MIss Universe Pageant.  And since this is the case, you know that once it hits your newsfeed, you are going to share it!  B-I-N-G-O!  Jackpot on the viral plans.

So, how about the next one you ask.

Well, it’s not so much about Filipinos.  It was probably triggered by everyone’s annoyance with our news feeds being bombarded with selfies that made us share the story like it was fact without verifying it.  It’s the statement we all wanted to tell our friends who take selfies like there is no tomorrow but we couldn’t simply because of social etiquette.  Or simply because we don’t want our friends to think we hate them personally because we hate their selfies.

Since it wasn’t concentrated on a particular group, it was more general.  I don’t care where you are in the world, you hate seeing selfies on your feeds.   Once-in-a-while selfies?  No problem.  But we have friends who change their profile photos on Facebook or takes selfies and posts it on their timeline more than the times they change their underwear when they have the runs.  That’s why I understood how such a write-up could go viral in such a short time.

Congratulations to Adobo Chronicles for taking such a bold gesture and attaining such a such a feat in viral success.

To this day, I still see that link on my newsfeed being shared by friends from all over the world.  Now, that’s a success story.

If you really want to share something real and something true – share this one instead.  It is verified to be authentic and you can really save face after sharing the last one.  🙂

Take a lot of selfies? Then you may be MENTALLY ILL: Two thirds of patients with body image disorders obsessively take photos of themselves

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