New York, New York!


Well folks, I am bound for New York City this weekend!  It’s been a while since I’ve been to New York.  It’s time.

I’m meeting my classmates from University of Santo Tomas.  We’re coming from different places.  I think I have the shortest commute among us.  One is coming from Chicago, another one from Los Angeles.  My BFF is flying in from Hong Kong.

You see, I didn’t get to finish college in Manila.  In fact, I only spent a year and a half with my classmates from UST.  Yet, we had a special bond.  And to this day, they still consider me as part of the class even though I didn’t graduate with them.  I am actually more interested in reunions that the rest of the members of that class!

The first reunion we had was in Los Angeles.  Here are some photos:





We had so much fun in Los Angeles.  And mind you, I haven’t seen them for many many many years!  After that first reunion, we decided we’re going to do it every year.  On the same year, we decided that the next location will be San Francisco.  Here are photos from that trip.





And now, it’s time for the East Coast to shine.  New York City!!!  We decided to make this weekend spontaneous.  I am brining four bottles of wine, or maybe six.  We’re all going to meet in Manhattan tonight (hotels already reserved! yay!) and catch up.  Then, our plan tomorrow is to have brunch and then later on, dinner and catch a broadway show.  Maybe we’ll bump into KC Concepcion somewhere!  Ha!

We’re probably going to hit the usual – Rockefeller Plaza, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty if time permits, and maybe hang out at Chelsea or SOHO.  We’ll see.

I’ll be taking lots of nice photos so I can post them here.  (I seem to never get the hang of taking great photos!).

I wish you all a great weekend and hey!  Don’t forget to call your Mother!  It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday.

Till next time!


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