Through a Mother’s Eyes – (VIDEO) – Happy Mother’s Day!

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That time of year has come where we need to acknowledge someone very close to our hearts, our mother.  We all think about our moms and we may sometimes think that we should call them more often, visit her more often.  But sometimes, our busy lives get in the way.  We’re always rushing to do something or go somewhere.  We need to STOP!

It’s time for us to make that phone call, or take that two-hour drive to visit our mom.  It’s her special day.  We may never be able to repay all that she’s done for us and having the “toughest job on the planet”, but we sure can make her smile.  Spend some time with your moms this Mother’s Day.  She deserves it.

On that note, here’s a video shared with my by GrnMngo

Happy Mothers day!!

Moms are a blessing — and we so easily take them for granted. This video puts us in the eyes of a mother so we can better appreciate that they’re always there for us.

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