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Oh, New York!  How I miss you!

I am back from a quick reunion with college classmates from UST in New York City.  This was our third time meeting after meeting twice last year, in Los Angeles and San Francisco respectively.  Just like the preceding ones, we had a lot of laughs and chit-chats – eating almost the amount of our body weight in dinners and lunches.. and sightseeing combined with shopping.  In short, we had a blast!

New York City is really the city that never sleeps.

image (3)

I was the second one to arrive after my friend from Chicago who arrived in the morning.  After I arrived, we immediately went to the bar and had one beergarita.  It was good enough to welcome me to New York.

Then, the other two arrived soon thereafter.


It was really late so we decided to go to Tick Tock, the diner-type resto at the New Yorker hotel.  It was raining and we didn’t really want to venture out very late.  (Advice:  Don’t ever eat there.  Food sucks and quite pricey!)

image (2)

It was a better day the day after we arrived.  We ventured out and took the subway to go to Times Square.  We took our chances in getting broadway show tickets at TKTS (Highly recommended for matinee shows!).  We purchased Orchestra tickets to Cinderella.  We were all skeptical at first but in the end, we loved the show!  The highlights are: Fran Drescher (from The Nanny) played the evil step mother, and Carly Rae Jepsen (famous for Call Me Maybe) played Cinderella.  It was amazing!

image (5)


For dinner, we planned on having Korean cuisine but we got lost along the way so we decided to eat at a pub instead.  It was really good.  We had the beer sampler, and number 6 became my favorite.  Lasang kape siya and I love coffee.  It’s the darkest beer (stout) in the mix.   I had filet mignon for dinner.

beer samples


beer samples toast

Filet Mignon

After dinner, we headed out for a stroll along Times Square – it was a beautiful night for selfies!

10363353_10152155058809021_6528484463413801868_n (1)








The next day, my classmate from Los Angeles wanted to try the Filipino resto called Jeepney, which was featured on the New Yorker Magazine and has been a very successful hot spot in midtown Manhattan.  I had bulalo and it was pretty good.  (Tip: You must try the restaurant once when you visit New York.  It’s quite pricey for the food and don’t expect a traditional Filipino meal.  The reason for its success is its inventive recreation of our traditional meals.  If you’re looking to eat sinigang or crispy pata in a traditional sense, go elsewhere).  I loved the Hilda Koronel mimosa.  Champagne with kalamansi juice!

Jeepney Bold


image (9)





We capped off our weekend with the highly-evasive Korean BBQ dinner.  And then, we had a glass of wine at the hotel.  Lots of kuwentuhan and lots of tawanan.  It made a wonderful weekend.


Kujip korean Resto

finishing toast

The best prize for the weekend was the gourmet tuyo that I requested from Manila.  I was ecstatic!  Lagot na naman sa kanin!  The best pasalubong!!

tuyo with capers Gourmet

gourmettuyo one brand

gourmettuyo Connies brand

tuyo with capers

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