HuffPo puts Manila as one of Top 15 places to visit.

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Brace for it Manila, tourists are coming your way!

With a bustling economy and a very successful “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” tourism campaign, the Philippines has received a lot of accolades from all over the world.  And not only that, even our food is getting some attention these days.  The once unknown “Philippine Cuisine” is also taking over the west with the emergence of Jeepney (Twitter and Instagram: @jeepneynyc ) and Maharlika (@maharlikanyc) in New York City.  You should try to visit these places on Fridays and Saturdays to see the line form and long waiting hours.  Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Philippines.  Boracay in Visayas was selected as number 19 on TripAdvisor’s Best Beaches in the World for 2014.

And now, Huffington Post just named Manila as one of the top 15 places you should visit before they become famous!

That is great news for the Philippines and our economy as well.  The one thing I will not stop harping about is our International Airport and how much it needs renovation.  I have blogged about that issue many times in the past even before when the government was still under the mega-corrupt Arroyo Administration!  I blogged about it under the PNoy Administration after NAIA 1 was voted the worst airport in the world back in 2011 but so far it looks like my pleas are falling on deaf ears.  Rappler did see a glimmer of home last November when they reported that renovations of NAIA 1 will begin last December.  But where does that stand today?

The Philippines is set to host the APEC summit in 2015 – – it would really be nice to see a newly renovated airport by then.  The rumor is that international passengers will be transferred to NAIA 3 while the renovation is ongoing (which is a better airport if you ask me).

I will be able to report on this next year when I go home to the Philippines.  As good as the news about tourism gets, we should also be obligated to make sure that our tourists are comfortable and safe in our country.

Let’s the get airport renovations moving~!!

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