Tutok na! The rise of the Middle Class in the Philippines.


During the time that I was growing up in the Philippines, I caught the last few remnants of having been considered a part of the middle-class.  I was maybe 5 or 6 years old at that time.  As I grew older, the middle class vanished like a bubble.  The gap between rich and poor became so wide that nobody thought we would ever have a chance to bridge it.

Thanks to the global business process outsourcing which paved the way for the Philippines to bridge the gap between the rich and poor.  The influx of tourists during the Aquino administration has helped the country’s rapid economic growth up to more than 7% last year.  We are the second fastest economy in Asia next only to China!  That’s great news!  This means that we should and could reduce poverty by creating more jobs and providing higher pay.

With all the good news coming our way, we must not become complacent.  We have to keep an eye out and ensure that we keep the government honest.  With more investments pouring in from foreign investors, there’s a huge potential for corruption and kick-backs by government officials.  Sa totoo lang, iboto ang karapat dapat, hindi dahil artista at magaling umarte!  Please lang, magisip tayo bago bumoto.  At higit sa lahat, kailangan ninyong bumoto!



Our credit rating was recently raised and therefore, we can borrow money for investment in infrastructure which means can borrow money with lower interest rates so that we can pay it off.  But we must beware because if these fall on the wrong hands, we could easily watch our bright future slip away.  It is almost there.  Let it not become a wish that we will never be able to attain.  It’s our future for crying out loud.

Watch the government – – – LIKE A HAWK!


North Edsa

WATCH: The rise of the Philippines’ middle class 

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2 Comments on "Tutok na! The rise of the Middle Class in the Philippines."

  1. I agree. I felt the rise of the middle class during the Napoles’ issue. Most of the people who reacted so much are the middle class because they are greatly affected by taxes being stolen.

  2. Steph, that is very true. Kaya kailangan nating mag masid. We need to keep an eye on the government officials who are “public servants”. They are serving the people – not their pockets.

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