A shopper in Venice.


When you visit a place you like, you tell yourself that you’re going to come back and enjoy it even more. That’s Venice for me.

I visited Venice back in 2011 as the starting point of a European cruise. It just rained really hard the day before we arrived that Piazza San Marco was flooded from the canal.  They had placed stepping pedestals all over the square for people to walk over and get around the piazza. I loved it then and the simple photo I had with the gondolas  behind me was enough for me at that time. I did walk through the little streets lined with shopping boutiques but I do not remember buying anything.


This time around, I got to enjoy Venice even more. We had dinner while watching the gondolas go by the canals under the Rialto Bridge, I was able to shop for Italian leather goods and take a gondola ride along the grand canal.  And even more special was celebrating my birthday in Venice.


I have dreamed of the moment that I ride the gondola romantically with someone I love. Even though it didn’t happen this time around, I am still optimistic that one day, true love may show its face. Who knows?



Trying out the cicchetti was one of the best events I have done in Venice. Of course a sit down meal with a great bottle of wine is really good but if you ever visit Venice, you must try the cicchetti. It’s almost like tapas in Spain where you get to order small dishes of different food varieties. It was great! Top it off with a good liter if house wine and you are set!







If you would like to find out where the best cicchetteria is, look it up on Trip Advisor. We happen to have lucked out in picking one that was awesome and the owners are great as well.


That’s all for now.  I will tell you about the details of my adventure in Venice in a future post.  Daming nangyari – as in!

Overall, ang saya saya namin.  It was really a great time.  Medyo mahalia jackson lang ang mga pamilihin.  You will also notice from the photos that I lost weight during this trip.  The photos you see of me here was upon my arrival.  Alam ko, sobrang overweight ako right now.  Pero wait lang kau!  Wait lang.


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  1. Love your blog

  2. Thank you Macoy. Come again next time.

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