Buongiorno Venezia!


After having the white glove treatment at Florian Cafe by the gorgeous and well-dressed servers (I should have taken a photo), we received a text that our friends have arrived from Cince Terre and that they are already on their way to the apartment that we had rented.

Bing and I decided to finish up our dessert and coffee and take that water taxi to the water taxi station close to our apartment.  Bing showed me the map and pointed a location of the apartment to me.  He said, we can either get off on one station and walk or another station and walk.  While I was staring at the map, it only made sense to me to choose the first station because it showed that it was much closer to the apartment.  He agreed, and so off we went.


After the walk that I had just gone through to get to Piazza San Marco, I wasn’t about to lug my heavy load any longer than I have to.  That is why I chose the closest water taxi station.  Or so I thought.

Once we arrived, we started walking – up and down the freaking canal bridges again.  After about 30 minutes of walking, I had to ask – Were we walking towards the right direction?  It turned out that we weren’t and the first station is much farther than the second station.  Bing pointed the location on the map quite differently that he should have.  We had to call the owner of the BNB to make sure we were right in our path — apparently not.  A gentlemen we asked was kind enough to direct us.  We met our friends right outside of the second station (DUH!), and headed to the apartment.





It was such a relief – finally, we have arrived.

If you want to read more about our Venice adventures – please come back.  I will post photos here that would make you want to plan your next vacation in Venice.

Until then!

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