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I thought summer was never going to get here. At least, here on the east coast where I reside. The weather patterns have been weird globally and whether it’s due to global warming or not, it’s not normal. Our temperature remained cold when it should have been in the upper 70s already. Just the other day, it was 62 degrees fahrenheit! What’s going on?!

Finally, the weather is now more typical of spring weather. Nice breeze, sunny, mild with occasional rain showers. I had to go to Produce Junction over the weekend to start my flower-planting. (Shhh. Just between us girls, my neighbors are really competitive when it comes to planting flowers in the summer. They try to outdo each other. I’m the odd ball in the community. I don’t know how.) While I was planting my flowers, I realized how neglected my lawn is. It’s hard to maintain and keep a lawn perfectly manicured.

If you ask me, I would rather have synthetic grass. It’s too much to maintain! I mean, seeding during the fall, or spring time, fertilizer, anti-weed sprays etc. I don’t have the time to do all that.

Did you know that in desert locations like Las Vegas and Arizona, they use synthetic grass? It’s so hard to grow grass naturally in those locations that someone thought of creating fake grass. And it looks so real to me. When I went to visit friends of mine in Las Vegas, I saw their perfectly manicured lawn. I scratched my head in amazement. I asked, “How can they maintain a lawn so well in a location such as Las Vegas?” Little did I know that it wasn’t real. I didn’t care then when they told me. All I knew was I was admiring their lawn and wishing it was mine.

My friend in Arizona has the same problem with his lawn. It was always turning brown on him and at one point, he said he got tired of it that he turned it into gravel instead. He thought maintaining a lawn in a desert is not worth his while. Little did he know that if he went online and searched “artificial grass phoenix az“, he could have found that best alternative to a real grass lawn and not resorted to gravel, which I imagine would make it your surroundings hotter because rocks absorb heat. No?

In any case. I am glad that I don’t have to maintain my lawn. We have the condo association to take care of that. We just fork out the money. LOL!

I hope everyone is ready to welcome summer! It will be summer officially in a few days. Get those grills cleaned and get ready for barbecues. I’m so ready for the beach!

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