What’s on your bucket list?


My BFF resides here in Jersey with me. He is a flight attendant with US Airways (and now American Airlines since the merge). His husband lives in Arizona and works for the same airline. He has an apartment there and they both commute back and forth between Philadelphia and Phoenix simply because they work for an airline. It works well for them. I have known them since the time that my BFF was single and the time when he first met prince charming. That was eons ago.

I have become very good friends with his husband as well and they have both invited me to come stay with them in Arizona. They had a house there at one time but it got hit when the housing bubble burst, which was unfortunate. But, his husband secured an apartment and continued to invite me to visit. They do tell me to avoid visiting during the summer months though because it can get really hot. As in, it gets to go up to super-hundred-degree-weather hot. I can just imagine how difficult it is if and when your air conditioner goes berserk. What does one do? Just go to Google and search ac service Phoenix? Even that would prove to be difficult if most of air conditioners go down during a heat wave. They do have a community pool that we can use to refresh ourselves, and they brag about that all the time just to get me to come visit. LOL!
I really would love to go and pay them a visit. I’ve only been to the Phoenix International Airport. The closest and most recent trip I got to Arizona was a drive from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. Even that trip was doomed. That was during the big blizzard of 2013 I believe. There was a huge storm coming to the east coast and we had our trip planned to leave on the day before the storm was to arrive. We feared that our trip will be cancelled. But the trip was not cancelled. We were able to leave with no delays at all! As soon as we were airborne, we were like, “We just escaped the biggest storm!”
We got to Vegas and the weather was hot. It was not super hot but it can be uncomfortable. We planned a few days in Vegas and decided to see Cirque du Soleil as well while we planned our trip to the Grand Canyon. It was in all of our bucket lists and we wanted to be able to check it off. My companions on the trip are plan-mongers. They will plan everything to the detail of where we’re going to eat lunch while we’re there. I don’t mind. I’m not a planner. I am more like a “go-with-the-flow” type of person. I am an easy travel companion. I am spontaneous and wouldn’t give you crap if you planned poorly. How could I? I would give you pain though if you don’t feed me any time during the trip. My stomach’s well-being is very important.
We agreed to get up really early to take the drive to Arizona from Vegas. We thought it would be best to drive early before traffic hits, go to Hoover Dam and then proceed to the canyon to take photos, have lunch at a place with a view of the canyon, and then go back to Vegas. Simple. Right? Not really.
We started driving, with our coffee and breakfast sandwiches on hand. Laughing, talking and just having a great time. It was a beautiful day in Vegas. As we approached the border that divides Las Vegas and Arizona, we thought that we picked the perfect day to see the canyon. The sun was out, there was a cool breeze going and we were having a ball. We took photos in and around Hoover Dam. The photos were amazing.
We thought, enough picture taking at the dam, we need to get to the canyon. We only have a few hours and we didn’t want to get to the canyon at dusk. That wouldn’t be a good photo opportunity session. So, we hopped back in the car and proceeded to drive towards the canyon. We got a text message from my BFF’s husband in Arizona. He said that he believes we should postpone our visit to the canyon since it is snowing there. What?? Snowing in Arizona? No way! We didn’t believe him. We kept on driving. As soon as we hit the highway, we were met with snow. Yes. Snow in Arizona. We kept going. The snow became heavier and heavier. Then, visibility became very poor. The trucks driving all around us were pretty scary especially in blizzard-like conditions. We cannot believe it. We kept going for another half hour until we had to say, this is ridiculous. We will die if we proceed. We had to turn back.

I guess, the Grand Canyon in our bucket list will remain there for now. Until our next trip.  You don’t believe me?  Here’s the proof:



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