Journals. Do you keep one?


I have tried many times to keep a journal.  I am usually good for about two weeks but then, I get lazy after that.  I think it’s always good to keep a journal simply to document your journey and to look back and see how much you’ve evolved.

Even the journals that I kept with entries for two weeks are fun to read.  I see a lot of grammatical errors of course, and maybe a few spelling errors as well.  But the most interesting part of a journal is the part where you look at the views that you stated back then and compare it to the views that you have now.  I found such contrasts in my views and it enlightens me.  It taught me a lot about how people change and a person’s view of something today may not be his or her view ten years from now.

Blogging for me, has become the new form of keeping a journal.  I can look back at old posts and wonder, why I ever thought that way in the past.  I get a few laughs as well when I see interactions with my readers and how funny their comments are.  Unfortunately, keeping the old comments wasn’t an option for me since my blog is almost 7-years old.  The admin at my hosting company had to delete them to improve my site’s performance.  It’s really sad.  I love the comments and it’s fun to read them.

The reason why I asked if you kept a journal is simply to encourage you to start one.  I found writing to be a good stress-reliever.  It’s comforting, and it’s fun.  Sometimes when I am angry, I write my feelings down and it helps to calm me.  By the end of my writing, I find myself less angry than before  I started writing, if at all.

It is also a way to reminisce.  Reading parts of your entry about things you did then will make you realize how little information your memory holds.  You will find yourself saying, “Oh, my God!  I remember that!”  It’s like looking at old pictures.

On that note, here’s my last post from my Paris Trip.


As we walked into the square outside the Louvre Museum, I saw these famous Louvre Pyramids.  I couldn’t speak for a while because I have longed to see this for a long time.  It was really easy to get to by train.  My friend John (affectionally nicknamed as Soonyee) accompanied me since he already visited Paris the year before.  I think that was very nice of him to do even though he’s already been to the Louvre once before.





The usual photo session ensued.  The Louvre is so large that it will take you more than just a day to tour the whole place.  There were different wings to it that focus on masters by nationality – – Greek Masters, Italian Masters, French, etc.  It was perfect timing because the museum wasn’t all that busy during our visit.  There was a line outside but it wasn’t very long.  I have always been advised to arrive at the Louvre early to avoid the lines.  However, my insider friend took me to an entrance below (yup – – apparently not many people know about this entrance) where there was no line at all!


Yup.  So if you ever visit Paris and wanted to go to the Louvre – from the square, look for the arch above – right next to it (on the left) is an underground entrance.  You will rarely see lines there and if you do, it is very short.

















The collection at the Louvre was overwhelming.  I only visited the Italian masters wing and I cannot even absorb everything.  So, I decided to go straight for Mona Lisa and Venus De Milo.  I wanted to see those and then come back at a later time to really enjoy the art.

I’ve said it many times while I was there that I will be back.  I definitely want to experience Paris like a Parisian.  I want to sit at cafes and enjoy people-watching.  I want to take a stroll around the Eiffel Tower or sit by the Seine river and drink wine.   That will happen one day when I return.

This time, it was the “touristy” stuff.

Like I said, I will always have Paris.

Until next time!

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