Hot Cop of the Castro | Chris Kohrs | Facebook. What you need to know.


What the hell.  I’ll join in the frenzy!  Why not?  He’s super hot!

Chris Kohrs, known as the Hot Cop of Castro is making waves all over the internet.  Social media exploded when a photo of the police officer was posted by a man who lived in the neighborhood Chris Kohrs patrolled.

This was the photo that started it all:


Just a couple of weeks ago, the world saw Hot Convicted Felon, Jeremy Meeks – hit the spotlight.  Mr. Kohrs has one word for him.  He said he is definitely a great-looking guy, but he would look a lot better outside of  the color orange suit.  That’s so nice.

So, are you in love yet?

One more thing to note — he is SINGLE and he is STRAIGHT!  He seem to have no problems with guys adoring him and for that, we should respect him.  He looks like a really cool guy and a very nice one at that.

He as a Facebook fan page (where I took all the photos from) so you may want to give it a “LIKE“.  He has currently over 25K likes.

He used to be a bio-technician at Genentech.  But it was not for him.  He is a UCLA Grad.

He also said that cops should be approachable and for the fame that he’s received, “he’s not used to it but he’s having fun with it.”

He is now drawing crowds in the Castro.  I wouldn’t doubt that.










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