Is your blog visible?

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I don’t know if you intend to become a blogger someday or maybe you have products that you’d like to market on a website.  There’s one thing that website owners crave and want: TRAFFIC.

As you may have seen, I will make a post about things that is out of the character of my blog.  That is because I am fishing for keywords that drive traffic.  If there’s a topic that is trending, I’m usually on it.  I was on it more before than I am today simply because I am way too busy to keep an eye out for trending topics and celebrity news.  It’s almost like a full time job if you ask me.

When I started blogging, there were no visitors to my site.  As much as i tried to blog about my life, it simply wasn’t catching any interested audience.  I almost gave up.  Until one day, I posted something about a celebrity gossip that was intriguing me.  I simply wanted to understand if the rumors were true so I created a post about it.  It was about Ruffa Guttierez and her ex-husband Ylmas Bektas.  Almost overnight, my blog went from obscurity to infamy!  And the rest was history.

It is a really hard thing to master.  SEO is something that takes years to understand.  I still don’t understand it to this day but I do know a few little tricks on how to drive traffic to my site.  (Barring any naked photos of course!) LOL!

For a beginner, I would recommend that you follow the trends.  Follow what’s trending on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and everything else that you can follow.  Make sure to create a post about it as soon as the topic trends.  It’s like any business.  Whoever can put it out to market first, WINS!

It’s different for business owners though.  If you have a product and you’re trying to market your website to gain traffic and eventually gain sales, you must be able to promote your website without having to create a scandalous post to get everyone’s attention.  Besides, business websites are not built like that.  Business websites are simple.  You have a product, you post them and you wait for traffic to come.  Or do you?  You don’t really have to.

There are experts in the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) who can help you gain traffic on your site.  They do this type of thing day-in and day-out.  There’s no other way to explain it but if you would like to understand how SEO works, you can put in the time while your website sits and gather no sales.  Or, you can hire an SEO expert to help you in marketing your website (or blog) and drive sales instantly.

Let’s say you live in Arizona, it’s easy to find SEO experts within the area.  Just Google SEO services Phoenix AZ and find the SEO expert that suits your needs.  You don’t have to hire the very first company you find.  Take the time to check them out, call them and interview them – ask them for their referrals (that usually provides you their track records), and most of all, check the legitimacy of their business before hiring them.

SEO is very tricky because search engine giants like Google and Yahoo change search algorithms very frequently.  You have to keep on top of the changes otherwise, what ever technique you’ve applied yesterday to drive traffic to your site, may be obsolete tomorrow.  If you hire one of the SEO experts, they will do the work for you for a minimal fee.  They keep on top of these things and they make sure that their clients are on top of the game with constant updates to your site or keywords to your site so that your website is always at the top of the search engine list related to the keyword that your side is under.

If you are a business owner and have a website to market, hire an SEO expert.  They will save you a lot of time and money.

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