Who wants to go on a cross-country drive?


It’s not foreign to my readers that I love to travel. Travelling has been one of my passions ever since I was a child. I love exploring new places and finding out about different cultures.  For the past fourteen years, I would say that I have travelled extensively but I have travelled more internationally than locally. I have enjoyed my time in Europe as much as in Asia and South America. But don’t be fooled. I haven’t travelled as much as I want to . I need to cover more space and not keep going to one place over and over again. I should really plan on visiting a place each year where I have never visited before. I think that’s a good plan right?

I really envy the guys who can pretty much drop everything and travel for a few months or a whole year. They simply throw their cares into the wind and travel. What’s astonishing in that is the way they come out of it. They come out of it with more appreciation for life and for people than their careers. It’s amazing. Somehow, somewhere, they find the missing piece in life during their travels. After it, their careers become secondary to what is important in their lives.

I have always wanted to travel across country. I can say that I’ve travelled up and down the East Coast and maybe up and down the West Coast. But I have never travelled across country. This is my dream. I want to gather a few close friends, charter a bus and go on a tour from the East to the West. I want to be able to experience everything that I can experience and stop from state-to-state, city-to-city. I want to see mountains in Montana, I want to lakes in Michigan, and maybe camp at a site in Wyoming. Who knows?

Beside the sights and sound that I enjoy during my travels, the most important thing that I really enjoy is the people. Meeting people has been by far, one of my greatest pleasures when I travel. I have known so many people across the globe even before I started travelling. I don’t know if any of you know about the organization called International Pen Friends, but I have been a member of that organization ever since I was a teen ager. I have met people from Germany, Poland, Russia, Czech Republic and many other countries. Some I have never even met but I am still in contact with them. The organization boasts of a membership count into the 300,000 members in one hundred ninety-two countries. If you like receiving and sending snail mails, you will probably enjoy that. Some people became a member solely because they collect stamps. You don’t have to have a reason to join the organization. Meeting people in different countries can give you more than the scenery and architectural structures that you see when you travel. Besides, having these connections globally can help you financially when you start to travel. Some of them offer their homes as a place to stay for a couple of days while you pass by their town. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Whether you’re starting out or have not traveled yet but you know that you are passionate about travelling, you can start by visiting websites or blogs of people who travel. I find it very motivating if I see places on blogs that get introduced to me by the blogger’s experience. Once I get motivated about a place, I try to read up on it and figure out how feasible it would be for me to take that jump and plan the trip. There are a few blogs out there that I would recommend. I will probably create another post and specify the blogs that I know are worth the read.

I recently arrived from Montreal, Canada – another place that I love so much. I perform an annual trek to the city of Montreal. It’s the hidden gem of North America. I will post photos on my next post and tell you about my experience.

If you’re interested in driving across country with me – – let’s plan it!

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