Why I accepted the #ALSIceBucketChallenge

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I was content with and have become fully aware of the #ALSIceBucketChallenge through my social media accounts.  It was fun to watch and I figured, if these celebrities are raising awareness for a good cause, good for them.  After I’ve seen a few, I kept seeing more and more celebrities joining the fun.  I was kind of envious actually.  I was wondering how come nobody has tagged me to accept the challenge?

Until the other night, when one of my niece’s really good friends and a good friend of mine as well, tagged me to take the challenge.  I took that opportunity to finally do what I have been wanting to do since this challenge started.

After I posted it on Facebook, I got a few likes and a few requests for a re-do since they said that they didn’t see ice on the bucket of water I poured onto me, I started seeing friends posting questions like, “I don’t get it!  How does a bucket of ice water being poured onto oneself raise money?”  Or, “Do you know that only 8% of your donation goes to the actual charity?” Or, “It’s a stupid craze and everybody wants to join in!”

I couldn’t defend and did not want to defend my position on why I did it.  I saw my nieces, together with their friends and husbands, join in and take the challenge.  They were having so much fun that I really wished they would ask me to join and tag me.

A friend of mine, whom I carefully tagged and asked to take the challenge did accept the challenge gracefully.  One of her friends posted and asked the same question.  She asked, “Can someone please explain to me the whole point of this ice bucket challenge thing??  And how can this really benefit people with ALS?  Because all I’m seeing is this stupid trend that people are trying to get in on, coz they think it’s cool… Thanks!:)”

My friend answered in the most professional of ways you could imagine and this is where I got my ammo.  I finally realized how and why it became viral.

Her response was, “Sis, it’s a platform for awareness.  If you think about it, you would have never given ALS much attention had it not been from this ice bucket challenge or the stupid trend you see people post.  It’s a terrible disease and unfortunately, it ranks pretty low on both private and gov’t funding for research to find its cure. (if it’s even possible).  I happen to have a family member suffer from this debilitating disease and it’s heartbreaking to see them suffer without a fighting chance or a glimmer of hope that someday there will be a cure.  Of course comping from both private and gov’t research.”

Her friend continued to argue and replied, “I am well aware of this disease as I have encountered patients with it.  This is part of my profession.  However, it’s still unclear to me how this ice bucket challenge ” raises awareness”?? Like in what way?  How does pouring ice water on someone make people wanna say “wow, I wanna help someone with ALS” or “I wanna learn more so I can help” just wondering lang ha.

Then, my friend pointed her to a link to an excellently-written New York Magazine article entitled, “Why the Ice-Bucket Challenge Went Viral”.  It explained point-by-point why such a phenomenon hits us  and helps the cause that it promotes.

  • It’s Personal
  • It’s Social
  • It makes the person feel great
  • It supports a good cause
  • It makes a smalll concrete ask

If I were you, I would head over to the New York Magazine Post and read the reasons behind each bullet point.  It’s so enlightening that I am now so very glad that I got the chance to do it.  And of course, I will be writing my $10.00 check to an ALS charity of my choice.

If you ever get tagged, you now understand the reasons why.  It’s now up to you whether to take the challenge or not.

And of course, it’s nice to see Cristiano Ronaldo and Jesse Metcalfe strip down and do the challenge.  And so does Emblem 3!

Happy pouring!!




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