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In case you don’t know, Halloween falls on a Friday this year.  That means that the Henri David Halloween Ball will be held on a Friday after so many years of it falling on a weekday other than Friday.  Well, folks – get ready for a wild night this year.  The last time I attended Henri David Halloween on a Friday, it was a blast.  Why?  I dunno.  Maybe because people are more relaxed because they don’t have to work the next day?  Or, they could simply be having a ball because there are more attendees than if it was celebrated on another night other than Friday?

The Henri David ball celebrated its 40th year in 2008 I believe.  It has become a part of Philadelphia culture.

My friends and I are attending the ball this year.  We will wear the most fabulous and undeniably the craziest of drag costumes you can ever find this year.  It is a very big event for us.

So if you are planning on attending, here are the tentative details:

“Halloween” (the store)
1329 Pine Street
Tuesday-Friday 12-6, Sat 11-4, and by appt.
(215) 732-7711

“Halloween The Ball”
October 31 9pm- costume contest and parade at midnight
Sheraton City Center Hotel- 16th and Race St.
Call store for more info.

There are usually 3000 people in attendance at the ball, and those who are not in costume are allowed but will pay $60 instead of $25. Don’t be afraid, he understands that not everybody will be atop a 15 foot pumpkin- a wig, a funny t-shirt, will suffice as a costume, just something to show that you are in the spirit of the holiday.

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