Ugh! I hate painting.


I painted my house with the help of a few friends (and my ex-boyfriend at the time) years ago.  The paint has withstood the test of time  – give or take seven years.  i know, I should really change the paint right now but I don’t like painting very much.

Of course, through the years, there will be nicks here and nicks there, chip here and chip there.  I am trying to match the paint so I don’t have to paint it right now.  I will probably paint it again before I sell the house if I sell it soon.  I have already patched the holes, spackled and sanded it.  The only thing missing is the paint.

i looked at the Appstore for an app that would help me match the paint and I did find an app for it but it’s specific to Behr paints.  I don’t think I used Behr for when I painted so I’m a bit unsure.  I did try the app.  You can take a photo of the wall and try to match the paint swatches.  Even with that, I was kind of doubtful because it all depends on lighting and stuff.

I went to Lowe’s to find out if I can get swatches that would provide me some clue of what the color was that I chose back then.  I picked up a few of the shades that I thought resembled the pain but when I took it home, none of them matched.  I did speak to the guy behind the paint counter and I was told that they could match the paint if I bring in a sample (a piece from my wall) and take it to the store.  Hmmm.  That would mean I would have to scrape a piece of my wall to hand it to them for matching.  Since I will be going away next week, I thought of putting it off for now.  I will wait until I get back from my trip to do that.

If they fail to provide me the exact match, I may have to hire someone to paint my whole house.  Usually there are college kids around who are looking for some cash and that usually is less expensive than an actual contractor.  But, as they say, you get what you pay for.  They don’t have a bond or insurance should something happen, and who can guarantee that they will do good work?

This means that I may have to find a contractor.  If I lived in Phoenix, Arizona, I would probably be able to find one easily by using painting contractors Phoenix AZ  just as it would be easy for me to find a contractor where I actually live.  But who’s to know that the contractor I find is good?  They normally have websites but there are no guarantees.  I should be able to find a website that would provide customer feedback to show history of their work right?

Anyway, it will be a long shot before I find out if Lowe’s can actually match the paint on my wall.  The good thing about it is that I am not having a party anytime soon.  I was going to throw a “Goodbye Summer” party but decided to nix it. It would have been a simple barbecue and gathering with friends.  Instead, we opted for the European style dining called “Dining Under the Stars”.  It’s reminiscent of the pop-up restaurants in Paris and Venice.  There’s a town here in Pennsylvania where they hold an event like that all summer long.  A bunch of us are going to a French-Thai restaurant and it’s outdoors.  They close the street down and restaurants will serve you food outdoors way into the evening. Hence, the name.

If you guys have any recommendations for painters, let me know.  LOL!  I may have to get a contractor soon.

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