#Frenchie – So, this did not happen.


There I was, weeks into receiving my baby girl into my home.  I was very excited and I was really looking forward to welcoming my new addition to the family until something happened.

You see, I have already put a downpayment for my frenchie.  I have received the most welcome introduction to her from the breeder.  The breeder is someone I’ve never met. I only met her through her website.  I have not spoken to her directly over the phone.  We only communicated through emails.  She was very accommodating with the requests that I’ve made in order to assist me in choosing the right french bulldog for me. I have asked for videos, photos of the pups I was interested in and she gladly obliged.  You can’t blame me totally because I wanted to make sure that I am picking the right pup.  It’s hard to make a decision by looking at pictures online.  I need to know personality etc.

So, last night I was speaking to my friend.  He really prefers a white frenchie.  It doesn’t really matter much to me.  I like the one that I’ve chosen.  Somehow, he was able to convince me to ask if I could switch the pup that I have chosen to another one (white one).  I sent an email first, and then followed up with a text message.

I simply told the breeder that I saw a new pup on her website and I was wondering if it was possible to get her instead of the one I have already chosen. She has an iPhone obviously because my text message turned into an iMessage (blue message) from my iPhone.  I saw her starting to type but she promptly stopped short of sending whatever her message was.

I was excited to find out if she was going to agree or not.  If not, good, I can keep the black on.  If yes, even better, I can get a white one.

The next action that happened was unbelievable.  I received an email with a refund of my deposit.  Immediately following after that was an email saying that the puppy I have chosen has been off the website for three weeks and therefore has not been able to find a good home because she was specifically reserved for me.  Because of that, she simply refunded me my deposit and told me that although it was non-refundable, she gave it back to me and wished me luck with my search for a pup from another breeder.

Yes, that was that.

I was devastated.  My friend was on the phone with me when this happened and he might have sensed how shocked and sad I was of this news.  I still cannot believe it.  I appreciated the fact that she refunded me my money in full but I I would have thought she would only say no to my request and send me the original pup that I’ve chosen.  But to not give me one at all??

What do you think?

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