A new star is born. Froilan Paloso – Facebook Sensation.

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I must have watched this video about a hundred times and I still couldn’t stop laughing. It was shared to me the other day by a friend on Facebook and since then, I have visited Froilan Paloso’s Facebook account and it is obvious that he is getting a lot of attention.

One day, he received 287 friend requests and was grateful to the people who liked and shared this video. The video has been shared over 12K times as of this writing.  He remains humble in his Facebook posts and jokes about getting something from this attention.  I think this video has become viral because they postponed the Miss Universe Pageant until next year.  Hahaha!  We needed something to entertain us.  See his Facebook posts below.  And if you’d like, you can visit his Facebook page here.

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We all know that the video will reach new heights in a couple of days before he starts receiving calls from the media.

I took the liberty to upload his video up on Youtube in order to share it outside Facebook so that those who do not have Facebook accounts may also view it. No copyright violation intended.

So, here’s the video for you to see. Have a great weekend!!

And here’s the original interview with Miss Angola:

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