My sincere condolences to Ms Sharon Cuneta. #ElaineGamboaCuneta #RIP


I mean, hindi naman kami ganun ka-close.  Feeling ko lang.  But I am an avid fan of Ms. Sharon Cuneta all the way back from her Mr. DJ days.  So, I want to take this moment to offer my condolences to the one-and-only Megastar, Ms. Sharon Cuneta and her family including KC “Kookie” Concepcion and her other three younger children.

I may not know Sharon Cuneta personally, but I know how it is to lose a mother.

Let me tell you a story.

When I was just a little boy, I was a “Mama”s boy”.  The youngest in the family.  Needless to say, I spent most of my moments with my mom.  She tagged me along each time she went to church, go shopping in Divisoria, or even when she watched musicals at CCP.  At night, I would spend time sitting next to her while she knitted or sew.  During summer months, I would take naps right beside her in the afternoon while she read a book or wrote on her journal.

One time, my sister was chosen to perform at a school program.  My mom was so busy that she forgot that the performance was going to be the next day. She forgot to make my sister’s costume.  She hurriedly bought materials and started sewing the costume by hand.  It was getting pretty late that night and I was still seated beside her, waiting for her to come to bed.  With her glasses lowered at the tip of her nose, and her eyes focused on the needle and thread, I saw her look up and heard her say, “Sandali na lang po, Itay.” (A few more minutes, dad.)  I asked her what she meant by that since I didn’t hear anyone else.  She said, she smelled the scent of a burning candle which she took as a sign that my grandpa, who had already passed on, was asking her to stop and rest.  (My mom suffered from high-blood pressure and had a heart ailment as well).  I remember smelling the burnt candle too which freaked me the hell out.

She then told me while she sewed, that I should always be a good boy and try to be kind to others.  She wanted me to learn the lesson of treating others with respect because one day, she will die like my grandpa and will no longer be able to guide me.  I started crying and so did she.

I remember that story very well because I remember the feeling that I never wanted her to die.  Thinking like a 5-year old, I thought, I will never survive if she dies.  I had that thought play over and over my head as I grew older.  I really never thought I will be able to survive life without my mom.

Many years passed.  My mom and I were still the closest pals.  Then, the moment came when it was time for her to go – unexpectedly.  I remember visiting her at the nursing home on a Wednesday.  As I kissed her goodbye, she pulled me close so tightly and told me that she loves me.  I never thought anything of it although I thought it was a bit unusual because in our family, we never really say the words  “I love you”.  It’s supposed to be understood.   That Saturday, in the early morning hours, she passed.

I felt like I lost everything.  I lost all hope, all strength, and all dreams at that moment.

Until slowly, as the days went on, I started to recover.  I remembered her teachings, her gentleness and her love.  I moved on little-by-little.

It was a painful process and I don’t really think that I have fully mourned her loss but I do believe that she is still comforting me in my times of sorrow.  I love her very much and I know that she continues to look after me even from up there.

So, to Ms Sharon Cuneta – I understand your grief.  It’s hard to lose someone we love.  Mourn it and celebrate her life as you continue to move on.  As Christians, we know that one day we will be together again.  That’s our hope.  That’s our faith.

God bless!


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