Adnan Syed, Hae Lee, and Jay Wilds – Serial – Who killed Hae Lee?


The question was asked.  How much would you remember if you were asked what you did at a specific time, and a specific day from 6-weeks ago?  Would you remember anything?  That is exactly what happened in this documentary slash murder mystery podcast that has caught the attention of many.

The podcast that has reignited a murder of Hae Lee that occurred in Baltimore, Maryland back in 1999 has become a water cooler discussion in many offices and households.  The podcast is free on iTunes – all 11 episodes as of this writing.  Listen to the first episode and let me know if you don’t care to find out if Adnan killed Hae Lee.  Adnan Syed was the alleged killer and is currently serving time in prison.

Interestingly enough, Adnan,  as he gets interviewed regularly for the podcast – sounds as charming as could be.  You would not think from listening to him as he describes how that specific day went for him, and say with certainty that he killed Hae Lee.

Did he really kill Hae Lee?  Why did he not have a convincing alibi other than he was at the school library when the murder occurred?  And why does it sound like he has nothing to hide?  On the other hand, is he really a psychopath?  I am only on episode 2 at the moment and the plot thickens with the introduction of several other characters.

If you’re interested in checking it out, follow this link:

Stay tuned!

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