#Serial – Jay Wilds or Adnan Syed?


This Thursday, we get to listen to the first season’s finale of the most popular podcast in history: SERIAL. Are you ready? Are you team Jay or Team Adnan?

I ask because I can’t wait to download the final episode for this season (It was confirmed that there will be Season 2). From what you heard between the first episode and the 11th episode, were you swayed one way or another?

Do you think that if his lawyer, Cristina Gutierrez is alive today, would we have a better chance in getting Adnan re-tried and freed?

Do you think Adnan should be free or do you think he’s a sociopath? What about Jay and his confusing and changing statements? Do you think he has anything to do with the murder?

Has anyone really confirmed if there were payphones at Best Buy at that time? Or is there a conspiracy somehow between the prosecutor and someone else?

Let us know your thoughts below because like you, I cannot wait until the final episode.


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2 Comments on "#Serial – Jay Wilds or Adnan Syed?"

  1. It was only through Slate Serial podcast that it was revealed that there were other possible suspects. There was a serial murderer in the area who had strangled several other Asian girls in a similar manner and also that Adnam had told Hae about Jay sleeping with another woman when he was in a strong relationship with Stephanie. Hae was going to tell Stephanie. We know how much Jay cared about Stephanie so if he met Hae who said she was going to tell Stephanie about the infidelity that would be a motive to silence her.

  2. The question I have is that why would the prosecutor recommend a lawyer for Jay? Didn’t it say that this is not a usual practice – – actually, it was never the practice for a prosecutor to offer that. I wonder if Sarah could interview the prosecutor (if he is still alive today) and ask why that was done?

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