#Serial Season 1 Finale Released Today. Who killed Hae Min Lee?


So, the long-awaited finale was released this morning.  I couldn’t wait at all so I downloaded it and started listening.  As hard as it was to contain myself, I did listen carefully to what Sarah had to say. I wanted to know how she felt about the case this time.  I had thoughts in my mind that could probably render Adnan innocent but I was reluctant in entertaining it until I heard Sarah’s viewpoint.  I also wanted to find out if there are new discoveries that could support my thoughts. And there are new discoveries.  It adds to the possibility that Adnan may not have done it.

Admittedly, there are lots of holes in this case.  As she had said and similarly stated by her sources and attorneys whom she had asked, “This case is a mess.”  For a person who is standing outside looking in, I completely agree.  I think his lawyer, Cristina Guttierez, wasn’t in the right form to defend him.  She may have been the best in her past but she didn’t do well on this case.  There are many evidence that was missed including the crucial Asia McClain alibi.  Why was she not called to testify?

One thing is sure though, Adnan had the worst day of coincidences against him on January 13, 1999.  What are the chances that a person could have everything going against him in a crucial moment in his life?

I still think that Jay has something to do with the murder, or know something more than he is saying.  But the question lies in how the cell tower pings corroborated Jay’s testimony.  Thinking about it, I don’t think anyone could have planned such a murder in precisely the timing that recorded the call pings to those towers and the locations. Granted, we were only presented with 4 pings out of the 14 pings which also leaves a lot of questions in between.  Why can’t Adnan remember what he did during the time that Jay claims they were burying Hae Min Lee?  How could you forget that block of time in your life where it was most important to remember it?  How about Mr. S?

If I was Sarah, I would probably come to the same conclusion.  After the digging and the fact-finding, Sarah said that if she was a juror, she would vote to acquit Adnan.  If I was a juror, I would also acquit Adnan.  There are too many holes in the case that I could not, beyond a reasonable doubt convict Adnan.  I would not outright say that he did not do it though because there is a possibility that he did kill her.

Even all the way up to Sarah’s last conversation with Adnan where Adnan says that he wants the DNA evidence the Innocence Project is requesting to be tested as his voice cracked with emotion, I couldn’t help but think, “If he was guilty, why would he ask for that?”  It is because he’s already in jail and it wouldn’t matter to him if they find out it’s him or is it because he is really innocent?  His voice sounds so sincere and I almost felt bad for him when his voice cracked saying, “You guys had  it (the DNA evidence) sitting for 16 years and you never tested it.  It’s impossible man for it to be sitting for 16 years and you guys never tested it.  I wanna test it.  For this time, I wanna see what it says.  There’s nothing about my case that I’m afraid of.”

The one thing that makes me crazy about Adnan is how laxed he appears to be when talking about Jay.  How could you not hate the person who accused you of a murder you did not commit?  If I was Adnan, I would try to find out all kinds of reasons why Jay would lie like that in court to point the finger at me, wouldn’t you?

Now that Season 1 is over, and we still aren’t sure about who killed Hae, will you be looking forward to Season 2?  I would.  Because I want to know what results would come back from the tests that they are requesting.  I want to hear Adnan’s voice again.  I don’t know.  For some reason, Adnan has that charismatic tone that makes me believe every word he says.  He sounds like he has nothing to hide.  Or is it just me?

Thanks to Sarah Koenig and her team for the podcasts.

Until Season 2 of Serial…


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