Is Sharon Cuneta hinting on her return to ABS-CBN? It’s a surprise.

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Months of depression, heartache and leaving TV 5.  Sharon Cuneta shared her grief on her Facebook page even telling her fans that 2014 was the worst year ever for her both personally (with the passing of her mom, Elaine Cuneta) and professionally (not a whole lot of opportunities for her).

But since leaving TV5, Sharon has been laying low, taking care of her family and slowly getting back into things.  In the last few days, she’s been counting down on a surprise that is to come using her Facebook page as a medium to garner excitement among her faithful fans.

She’s been hinting on a wild roar by posting photos of roaring lions and a numerical countdown that is now down to number 6.

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What could be the Megastar’s surprise for her fans.  Are these hints and a countdown to her return to the network that helped her retain her status as Megastar in her long-running career?  What could be awaiting us?  She is even hinting on a weight loss that could surprise many of her haters.

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I guess, only time will tell.  Let’s wait and see.

I, myself am super excited.  The Megastar has returned!


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